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We are a social data analytics provider that analyzes the conversations of over 600 million users in real time across Chinese social media.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


We are a SaaS provider that analyzes Chinese social media data in real-time on an interactive dashboard. Our dashboard features go beyond sentiment to include emotion analysis, context, geo-analysis etc. With over 600M Chinese social media users tracking conversations on local networks is key to understanding the market. Current clients include, government, NGO and financial inst.


Co-Founder, Product Management, Marketing

Michael Smith

Co-founder of @Soshiolize a social data analytics startup. Over 6 years of experience in global marketing with @Unilever and direct marketing @Avon Cosmetics. Marketing Manager and Consultant @ShiftVertical, a corporate training company developing and managing training content for ad buyers on social media platforms. Swiss, optimist and a person that thrives in teams.

Co-Founder, Business Development

Matt Grotenstein

Managing Director of the international development firm WorldBridge Ventures. WorldBridge focuses on market entry for early stage technology companies, as well as U.S. market entry for new and established foreign companies

Consulting Analyst

Huan Sun

Expert in Chinese social media , Consulting analyst for Soshio , MS in Marketing Studies from MIT

Lead Tech Developer

CeShine Lee

Over 5 years of Developer Experience • BS, Computer Science and Engineering • Machine Learning, Software Engineering and Data Analysis


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