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Your on demand, small business financial expert in the cloud


Founded: 2015
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Sultant is the digital financial consult/CFO for small businesses. Founded by two Princeton alumni with rocket science, big data and accounting experience, Sultant brings big data to small business! Our subscription based Saas platform takes the problem of boring and difficult to understand financial statements and brings them to life; providing intuitive visualizations, actionable insights and simple recommendations to help businesses succeed.



Jared Aldwin Crooks

Rocket scientist, big data analysis and serial entrepreneur with experience taking products to market. Understands the needs and constraints that small businesses face and how to organize big data around that. Eric and Jared have been business partners on prior ventures for over 8 years. Princeton University AB in Astrophysics, 2011 MEng in Mechanical Engineering, 2015 MPA in International Policy, 2015 LinkedIn:


Eric Plummer

Expertise in business consulting, accounting and business intelligence; Idea for Sultant came from consulting with small businesses owners and answering key strategic questions leveraging managerial accounting. He has had experience creating financial data platforms through his work with Capital One. Princeton University AB in Economics, 2010 Wake Forest University MA in Business Management, 2012 LinkedIn:

Head of Development

Suneel Chakravorty

Has over 7 years experience with development and has helped develop several successful financial tech platforms. Harvard University AB in Mathematics and Mandarin (2011) Portfolio: LinkedIn:


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