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Founded: 2017
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Swade is an item stockmarket. It is a digital platform for the individual management of one’s personal economy and settles a massive struggle in today's world: Time vs. Money. Its unique approach to modern commerce allows users to trade items or services online for literally anything. This creates endless potential trade combinations and, coupled with in-site curriculum opens a new world of economic opportunities for each user.


Founder & CEO

Christian Smeltzer

Christian's extensive background in the finance management and risk management sectors give him poise in business leading decisions and team management. His performance and willingness to pursue excellence in business place him at the forefront of the Swade proposition and in the center of 21st Century entrepreneurship.

Director of Logistics

Lucas Fellner

Lucas works as a logistics consultant and has consistently remained in the upper 10% of shipment sales at his current firm while managing a half million-dollar book of business primarily comprised of small parcel revenue with his employment. Lucas has 2 intensive years of traditional b2b sales experience, logistics management and integrated technology adaptation.

Director of Information Technology

Joseph Sbordone

Joseph Sbordone operates as the Desktop Support Specialist and has just recently completed his 10th year with a prestigious law firm in NYC. He has intensive and extensive knowledge in both hardware and software technical management. His passion is ensuring seamless tech operations with an emphasis on security and stability. If it’s broke, he’ll fix it and if it’s not broke; odds are that he’s behind the reason why.

General Council

Jonathan Hood

Jonathan L. Hood is a New York City attorney focusing his practice on startups and emerging companies. Since founding his practice in 2014, Jon has worked with hundreds of companies and individuals across a wide variety of industries. Jon’s practice focuses primarily on corporate, contractual, regulatory, and intellectual property matters.

UX and Visual Experience Manager

Yana Ivanov

Yana is a creative and relevant graphics designer who has experience in print, digital and dynamic brand creation. Having worked on and with multiple startups, Yana can be credited with coaching companies past the design phase and into the operating arena of business management. Having started her own firm, Yana manages a small book of business consisting heavily of Swade and other related projects.

Chief Technical Officer

Polley Wong

Polley Wong is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and advisor to several design technology research and adaptation organizations. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on industry and technology issues, and has published articles in a variety of publications. She also serves as co-chairwoman of Architecture, Engineer & Construction Committee of VR/AR Association, the global industry association for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.


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