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Whether buying a single article or purchasing a subscription, Swishu allows readers to read and publishers to publish - how they want to.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Swishu is a hosted SaaS platform that gives publishers new ways to monetize their content and manage their readership that they haven't been able to do before - whether by offering premium content to readers a la carte or by converting casual readers into occasional buyers. With a sleek portal and advanced metrics, publishers can leverage and grow their readership with a content-first approach.



Nathan Goulding

Nathan Goulding has spent over 7 years in the publishing and hosting industries. Prior to founding Swishu, he worked as Lead Architect for Internap (NASDAQ: INAP), Senior Engineer for Voxel dot Net, Inc., and CTO for a NYC-based publication.


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