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With Apple taking over the world, here is your chance to invest in a one of a kind patented accessory to be sold to Apple consumers.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 4


Thumble's patented product enhances and personalizes the home button for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Born out of necessity, the Thumble is tapping into a growing market and has a competitive edge over other accessory makers with its patented technology.


Corporate Counsel

Peter Silverman

Peter has been practicing law since 1970 and is the senior partner of Silverman, Sclar, Shyn & Byrne PLLC. He has over thirty-five years of hands-on experience in all facets of corporate and commercial law. He has extensive experience in the representation of companies across all businesses and is recognized as a leader in representation of the school bus transportation industry. Based in NYC, his firm currently has offices in NJ, LA and Miami.

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick DiLollo

Patrick has been an entrepreneur since age 19, starting an event services company. He then moved on to build a marketing company for realtors nationwide. Patrick still sits on the board for PostGrad.Apartments and guides the companies strategy. His ability to organize and plan logistics of every aspect is vital to the team. DiLollo has learned that paying attention to the most minute detail and executing accordingly is what makes a startup grow.

Director of Production

Robert Wheatley

Robert has built a vast network of contacts in the manufacturing industry and is known as a preferred vendor for the likes of Coty, Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs and other high-end labels. His company, Worldwide Access, is a veteran in the world of developing products suited for retail.


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