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TimeLooper is a platform to deliver VR experiences to tourists visiting historic sites and cultural hot spots; content is delivered via Android and iPhone apps.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


TimeLooper offers transformative experience by delivering 360° VR videos of major events that occurred in history to be viewed at the site where that particular event occurred, enabling the site visitor to uncover historical moments not available to the naked eye. TimeLooper facilitates production of these location-specific videos by coordinating historic sites, tourism companies, historians and a global network of production companies.


Co-Founder & CEO

Yigit Yigiter

* 12 years of experience in strategy, business development, marketing, sales, and product management * Experience with Unilever, Dell, SK Telecom, FastPath Learning (tech startup), Pronet (Cinven PE portfolio co.) * Left CMO role at Pronet, leading security company in Turkey, to found Timelooper * Master of Business Administration, (M.B.A.), The Harvard Business School

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

Alper Ozyurtlu

* 12 years in production, directing, editing, cinematography, motion graphics designing, visual effects designing, compositing * Design director of EU project, Mediterranean Virtual Univ. * Won best entertainment show: 2013 Antalya TV Awards * Won Best First Film in 2014 Int’l. Istanbul Film Festival * Virtual reality expert who owns film production company with deep industry connections * Bachelor of Arts, Istanbul University

Co-Founder & COO

Andrew Feinberg

- 12 years of global experience in strategy, operations, business development, and sales - Chief Executive Officer at Courtroom Connect, a high growth venture; facilitated liquidity event - Chief Strategy Officer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau MBA from Harvard Business School


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