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Transclick Digital Health

Transclick Digital Health Marketplace is a mobile digital health platform with proven medical apps providing medical care to those without access to doctors.


Founded: 2006
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


Transclick Digital Health has begun a new separate start-up company, which is now upgrading & testing our globalized mHealth App Store & digital health marketplace for US & Mexico, China & Africa. Target mkt: > 1 bil people without access to doctors. Transclick has traction with Digicel, Microsoft/Nokia, GooglePlay, 12 mill. downloads, working prototype w/ back-end-enterprise service architecture for a customizable digital health marketplace.


Director of Digital Health Curation

Pamela Meltzer

Sr. Project Manager with major firms, Fortune 500 and technology firms. Created a Health Cable Network channel.


Robert Levin

Robert E. Levin, Founder & CEO, Transclick Digital Health Robert Levin is a technology investor and innovator, patent holder, and recognized expert in frontier and emerging markets as well as the global technology sector. He was an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the Columbia Bus School teaching investment strategy. Testimony @ the White House: Director @ Viatel.

Director of Marketing & Operations, Transclick Digital Health

Terry Hasan

Worked at Cogniant, Credit Suisse and helped build a successful start-up, FocusForward from 3 to 58 employees. MBA Georgetown.

Chair, Medical Advisory Board of Advisors

Bruce Yaffee

MD, associated with Lenox Hill Hospital, specializes in m-health and gatroentenology

Public Health Director

Leni Silverstein

Ph.D. Anthropology, former Professor, School of Public Health, NYU, many years of field experience in public health

CTO, Transclick Digital Health

Jodd Readick

Co-Founder, CEO, Chairman January 2005 – November 2009 Co-founded – a revolutionary new service Raised several million in VC start-up capital and launched product into the marketplace Company sold in 2009. Co-Founder and Chairman DMI Communications 1994 – 2000 (6 years) Co-founded company which became the first internationally authorized common carrier to specialize in the use of pre-paid calling cards.

VP Online Services, Transclick Digital Health

Paul Larsen

Assistant Director Ernst & Young March 2007 – January 2014 (6 years 11 months)Global

President, Transclick Digital Health, Colombia

Carlos Mayoral

Owner, developer, financier and manager of real estate in Colombia; consultant last 10 years to top health insurance companies in Colombia; expertise in engineering and project management.


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