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TruEnergy Sport Shot

A Healthy Pre Workout Drink For Athletes and Weekend Warriors


Founded: 2015
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


It is ironic how athletes eat the best most strict diets; however, when they go to the rink, arena, or field they are filling their bodies with crap. Gone are the days of artificially sweetened Gatorade and artificially caffeinated energy shots, TRUenergy is going to change the game. Our company will provide athletes real solutions with real ingredients to help them perform at their best.



Jack McNamara

While playing pro hockey in Europe, I came to the realization that athletes of all levels from youth to the pros were using pre workouts to boost performance despite their questionable artificial ingredients. It was then that I vowed to formulate a healthy pre-workout energy shot that was made of real ingredients and fit for anyone looking for a natural boost from elite athletes to weekend warriors.


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