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TWIP - Travel With Interesting People

TWIP - we power shared experiences for global brands by connecting people to content, trips and travelers based on their travel behavior (Travanality).


Founded: 2014
Employees: 10
Quick Pitch:


TWIP - Travel With Interesting People, we are an online membership based social marketplace, that connects people to experiences, activity partners and travelers based on your "Travanality" (travel behavior). Travanality is the proprietary behavior assessment and API that we created which helps you understand why you travel when you take away time, destination and price. We do this for global brands via a co-branded portal.


Founder & CEO

Lauren Koenig

Lauren has over 10 years in the Travel and Hospitality Industry


Heather Wilde

Heather has deep expertise in the travel and technology space, as she the 8th employee at Evernote and helped Spirit Airlines create their customer service plan.

Finance and Operations Manager

Kanchana Pinnapureddy

Kanchana has over 10 years of experience in Finance. Her background includes Investment Banking, Long/Short Equities and Sellside Equity Research.

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Juliette Koronkiewicz

Travel & Content Writer

Anne MacIver


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