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UGo Smoothies

The UGo automated smoothie store, stores frozen fruits and vegetables and blends smoothies on demand, The whole process is visible through our transparent case.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


The Ugo Smoothie machine will act as an automated smoothie store. We're developing a machine that stores frozen fruits and vegetables and blends them into custom smoothies on demand. Having low overhead and space requirements, our machines will go almost anywhere. UGo smoothies will be completely natural, and you will see them being blended right before your eyes. Our mission is to make healthy eating convenient, accessible, and fun.


Machine Technician and Co-Founder

Mitch Schwartz

Mitch working as worked as an industrial designer in the food packaging machinery industry, participating in design and improvement of products He's also run his own home theater installation company and worked in sales for over 6 years

Co-Founder and Lead Developper

Morgan Abraham

Morgan is an electrical engineer who graduated from McGill University. He built his first startup when he was sixteen, designing computers businesses and home users. Since then he has been involved in developing technologies for electronic systems, medical devices and sustainable buildings.

Sales and Marketing

Adir Freilich

Adir’s unique experience of being a survivor of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ has had a positive influence on his success. He started a marketing company at 22 working with colleges and universities around the US, UK and Canada. During that time he managed a sales team and was responsible for logistics, travel routes, and coordinating with vendors.


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