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Programmable money allows counterparty risk free loans without banks, trades without brokers, contracts without lawyers through your own personal digital wallet


Founded: 2013
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Veritaseum is a smart digital wallet that sends/receives value near instantaneously via programmable "smart contracts" - peer to peer. We disintermediate large money center banks & Wall Street, ex. loans, stock/bond/currency/commodities value trading and structured contracts, except through Veritaseum it is done on a counterparty risk-free basis with near unliminted leverage. Veritaseum has a simple revenue stream. We charge fees per transaction.


CEO & Founder

Reggie Middleton

The “Financial Nostradamus” Reggie Middleton who has publicly called nearly every major macro market move & the collapse & rise of every major financial & tech company over the last 7 years, heads the team as the brainchild of UltraCoin. Reggie has won every CNBC stock challenge since its inception. He is darling of both mainstream and fringe new media & has been praised from Forbes to Fortune to CNBC to Bloomberg & the Financial Times.

Chief Software Architect

Matt Bogosian

With 15+ years of C++/Java experience, Matt combines aspects of engineering & intellectual property law. Think "player/coach" who can lead, code, assist with licensing & deal-making, file/prosecute patents for the technologies he's contributing to build. Matt's served as professor, entrepreneur, developer, law firm partner, software architect and board member.


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