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Vital Formulas

Daily multivitamins in the right combinations for each time of day. Balanced Trio Morning, Mid-day and Evening. The most effective way to take supplements.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


Vital Formulas has developed and manufactured multivitamin supplements of a totally new kind. Research shows that grouping all ingredients into one pill is not effective. Some vitamins and minerals are energizing, others are relaxing. Some complement absorption of each other, others inhibit. We have solved this problem by dividing micronutrients into three distinct formulas that are optimized for absorption, effectiveness and time of day taken



Natalia Lukina

Natalia is a founder of Vital Formulas. She holds MS degree in Biology from Caltech and Drug Discovery and Development professional certificate from UCSD. Natalia has studied nutrition, herbal medicine and supplements for over fifteen years.


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