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Wrevel is an online platform that integrates event ticketing with social networking.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 12
Quick Pitch:


Wrevel is an online platform that integrates social networking with event ticketing by bridging the communication gap between the user and the host. The platform was built with the idea that users should be able to form deeper connections with the people, brands, and social organizations that inspire them. We are accomplishing this by creating vibrant online communities with a natural integration to event ticketing.


Chief Executive Officer

Sajid Zaman

Saj is the co-founder and CEO at Wrevel. He drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as it provides interesting and unique ways for people to connect and changes the ways of the event ticketing industry. Saj is heavily involved in the design and technical developments of Wrevel. He received a degree in Business Economics from CUNY and is the co-founder of Rentah where he has held technical and design positions.

Creative Director

Boris Brenman

Boris Brenman is the Creative Director of Wrevel. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Fine Arts degree. He is an artist, photographer, and designer who is in charge of design and all other aspects of the creative process at Wrevel.

Chief Marketing Officer

Eileen Arbizu

Eileen Arbizu is the Chief Marketing Officer at Wrevel. She is also the representative of all West Coast operations, based out of Los Angeles, Eileen oversees all aspects of business development, global marketing strategies and the establishment of partnerships. She studied American Urban Studies in New York City while participating in humanitarian aid efforts with American Red Cross.

Chief Operating Officer

Ashukur Abir

Ashukur Abir graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in accounting and Business management. Ash has been part of Wrevel since day 1. He started Wrevel as a Financial and Marketing manager. He worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer. Now he is in charge of daily operations of the company and makes sure everything is on point

Lead Backend Developer

Ming Sun

Ming Sun is the Backend & iOS Developer of Wrevel. He graduated from University of Delaware with a Master Degree of Electrical & Computer Engineering. He focused on iOS applications & incorporating APIs, server construction and Web application backend.

Lead Frontend Developer

Wenlong Yu

Wenlong is a software developer at Wrevel. He is primarily responsible for the front end development of Wrevel's website, mobile apps, and other projects. He is currently finishing a Master's degree in Computer Science at NYIT.


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