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Compliance monitoring, archiving and analytics in mobile phone messaging for the enterprise in order to minimize business risks.

Angel Intelligence Group

The AI shopping assistant that enables eCommerce retailers to leverage large volumes of data and industry-specific domain expertise to convert their customers

SpongeBath LLC

SpongeBath is the first ever multipurpose sponge holder, that cleans and sanitizes kitchen sponges that are used in 70% of homes and businesses.

Grapidly is a SaaS marketplace for shared, distributed, and professional resources of complete, on-demand, digital teams.

Lyons Motor Car LLC

Lyons Motor Car a luxury super car manufacturer, creator of the technologically superior, artistic masterpiece LM2 Streamliner. A revolution in programability.


Lono is an outdoor smart home company which engineers a portfolio of outdoor connected technologies which are intelligent and responsive.

Augmented Review Inc.

Instant design reviews in AR. At the crossroads of AR and instant messaging, helping product manufacturers to streamline the validation of design concepts.


Students and professionals use BigTwist to create powerful and engaging presentations.

Air8Green LLC

Air8Green has a patented irrigation process that we create active greenwalls, consumer products and efficient agricultural growing systems.

Outdoor Ninja, Inc.

Outdoor Ninja is a mobile app that rewards you for your outdoor discoveries.

CodeMonkey Studios

An engaging online game that teaches children to code in a real programming language. 3,000,000 learned with CodeMonkey worldwide since launched 2 years ago.


Our online interactive career guide connects employers to our network of 3.5M active and former military service members and spouses.


Funnster presents a new way to get together with your friends & family. Easily create events, send beautiful invites and chat.


Automagically generate beautiful site-flows & screenshots in seconds.

Kolu, Inc.

Kolu is a mobile app that brings tourists together with local tour guides based on three interests that they have in common, for a truly curated experience.

Caves & Clouds

In a deeply divided modern culture, we are making and sharing connections and experiences through the medium of music


Betterment is the largest automated investing service, helping people to better manage, protect, and grow their wealth through smarter technology.


Neural Networks used for Topic Search, Advertising and Content Analytics