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A marketplace where over 600M people living in the Caribbean and Latin America buy and sell unrestricted among themselves and the wider world.

LastMile Retail

LastMile places store inventory on first page search results, linking shoppers to localized pages with the info and tools needed to drive offline purchase.

3P Partners, Inc

Enterprise partners boost engagement, retention, LTV - all through a low-friction platform that mashes up smart tech, game strategy and a currency of good.


Ducen IT helps business users of Fortune 1000 companies with analytics, business intelligence & data management through its end-to-end data science platform.

The Light Phone

The Light Phone is your phone away from phone. It's a tool that gives us back the most important things we too easily take for granted, our time and attention.


UNPACK delivers curated clothing and gear to hotels and Airbnb's so travelers can pack less and discover premium products that make sense for their trip.

Kaverini Korp

A series of non-violent tabletop / mobile RPG’s set in real-world places with fantasy elements rather than in fictional fantasy settings!

Five Point Snacks

Line of five high-quality salty snacks honoring the five military branches. Proceeds from sales and employment opportunities to US veterans.

Quantac Inc

Wearable biosensor platform that tracks alcohol consumption through the skin.

GroundControl Solutions

A post-revenue SaaS solution 
for the deployment of iPhones and iPads
 with sustained 17% month-over-month growth.


Gigzolo is an online platform helping marketers boost ROI by finding the best, most captivating ways to engage their audiences at events.


We combine software and hardware to solve issues within urban areas.


EquityZen is a marketplace for pre-IPO investments, connecting shareholders seeking liquidity with investors seeking exposure to late-stage private companies.

Mission 360

Create a stronger body, enriched spirit, and expanded mind - anytime, anywhere.

Stanislav Komsky Baltimore Sun

Stanislav Komsky is an entrepreneur and business consultant in Florida. With his business strategies and innovative ideas, he helps people in their businesses.


A membership-based digital food and travel guide with in-house boutique concierge services.