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Vonvo is a video event platform enabling companies to brand story-tell in the most engaging manner. Think of Vonvo as Google Hangouts meets KickStarter hybrid.


fansmit is a social engagement platform that makes changing your television announcer as easy as changing your TV channel.


The first umbrella rental company that makes it easier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly for New Yorkers to stay dry


The first aggregator that standardizes influencer marketing by enabling advertisers to buy influencer actions programmatically from any network

Curative Orthopaedics, inc.

Curative Orthopaedics develops therapeutic garments specifically for nighttime use to help chronic pain sufferers sleep at night.


Through interdisciplinary collaboration we propel R&D cycles

Maker's Brand Inc

Maker's Brand connects creators to consumers, retailers, and manufacturers to build products for fast retailing. Think Alibaba & Kickstarter

Swoonbox, Inc.

Swoonbox is an event-based dating app that uses deep learning to match people around amazing events and get them meeting up in real life as quickly as possible.

Reading Room Inc

THE READING ROOM is one of the fastest growing, informative, and entertaining social book discovery channels in the world - 1.4m members & 525k FB followers.

Lucky Miner

The world's first cryptomining lottery game

Applying Behavioral Analytics & Machine Learning to Prevent and Preempt Insider Threats and Enhance Employee Productivity is building the next generation of cloud/mobile enterprise software, an end to end suite as easy to use and implement as a single-point solution.


talktala is a revolutionary online group counseling service, led by a licensed therapist. We make therapy accessible and affordable for all.


Shopography is a product discovery and purchase platform for just about anything. Millions of consumers connect to millions of products in a fun, authentic way


A platform enabling you to beautifully commemorate the most important people and milestones in your life.


Turn your declined card payments into approved transactions automatically

Gentek Global

Change the DNA of eCommere Payment Image square without the square

Quality Reviews

Quality Reviews' flagship product RateMyHospital® helps hospitals collect and manage real-time patient feedback via mobile devices.