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We build complete medical records for chronic disease patients, extracting the data within to create the world's first "complete" dataset for machine learning.

Green Bins LLC

Green Bins provides an ecofriendly solution to cigarette butts littering, through widespread bin access and recycling of butts into biofuel.

NuHu National

Taxi For The Drivers NuHu Nаtіоnаl will dеѕіgn аnd develop tаxі mоbіlе apps called NuHu Taxi. NuHuTaxi is a leasing app for taxi cab drivers.

Haystack Search

Haystack is a local product search engine that covers every brick-and-mortar retailer’s inventory by combining real-time data feeds with predictive analytics

Mash in music

Mash is a music platform that respects artists, offering an end to end digital marketing platform connecting artists, brands and fans in real time.

Everyday Decorating

An online and mobile marketing platform and customer aggregator for suppliers to the mainstream US decorative home furnishings market.


Making running for local political office easier, and less costly, through mobile optimized tools and training provided through a software as a service model.


SuitePay aims to solve the issue of splitting bill and rent payments between multiple roommates in apartments.


Stereotheque showcases digital work samples of young creatives helping them connect with professionals, matching their skills to the requirements of employers.

Loog Guitars

Guitars that make it fun and easy to play music.


Crowdpowered Travel to All Your Favorite Events


CommonKey is a B2B SaaS platform that allows organizations to easily and securely manage and share access to all their cloud-based web services.


Get real-time stories on your stocks curated from 20 million websites.

Ink Cloud

Ink Cloud is a business-to-business online platform tailored to streamline the buying and selling processes in the fashion industry.

Just Keep Moving

Just Keep Moving is looking to disrupt the worlds of gaming, fitness and social media forever

Mixcity Inc

Our product JammText helps DJs book more gigs and charge more by providing an interactive experience that their customers love

Remedy Systems

we connect health plans to doctors through mobile applications that tie into clinical transactions


We help digital publishers increase ad revenue by improving the ad performance their inventory delivers

Innovator of unique at-home urine test kits that provide an immediate result in conjunction with a mobile application