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Powering Surcharge-Free ATMs Through Targeted Programmatic Ad Buying.

Pvilion Inc.

With proprietary technology and design Pvilion creates a niche in the solar market for highly visible projects where beauty is essential.

Karaoke School

KARAOKE SCHOOL is considered the most well known, reputable, global karaoke school and social network in the world.


Fun online community for learning languages using engaging adaptive exercises instantly created from favorite online videos and other media.


Mately is an STD testing service combining home collection, lab testing, and dating app integration.


Atozus is an online platform which lets buyers of made to order industrial goods request for a quote complete with all the vital information they need (engin...


A retail platform facilitating local sales and redemption via online / offline convergence


Guestt is a platform in which corporations pay for prospective clients to attend events in exchange for marketing services on the companies behalf.

EcoGo, Inc.

Patented, one of its kind, and the ultimate investment -- Affordable ride hailing service using subsidy from targeted advertisements played during the rides


SaaS based Kiosk OS and Apps Platform to enable super fast deployment and easy management for concierge kiosks.

Amallu Inc.

Amallu is a platform to stream live or recorded events for schools and religious institutions and to enable multiple forms of interaction among the viewers.

SpokenRode Corp,dba RoadSpoke

Roadspoke turns all 47,000 miles of Interstate into the World's largest shopping aisle: think Groupon of the Open Road meets Streetapdia.

The Regulars

Helping the creative class build, share, and monetize their regular audiences.

Fr33Bread Entertainment LLC

Fr33Bread Entertainment aims to find & bring young artists from all walks of life to share their talents, stories, and thoughts with the world through music.


Phiar is an AR/AI navigation and ADAS platform via windshield projection, using our latest deep learning AI innovations.

GEM | Global Entertainment Matrix

Private on-demand platform for elite marketing & entertainment bookings thru influencer monetization which improves transactional relationships via Mobile App.