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Your on demand, small business financial expert in the cloud


Unbound is an empowering sexual wellness brand for women by women.


Hauseit is NYC's largest and most trusted For Sale By Owner and Buyer Agent Commission Rebate company. We help both buyers and sellers save money in NYC.


A personal trainer at your fingertips: Vitogo changes how you approach fitness by giving you the tools you need and making them easy to use


CORP Online is the face book plus eharmony for the financial world to connect US-listed Chinese companies and global investors.

Neene Inc

Neene Inc is currently putting up a big data platform to match people around the world up with products and services. The name Neene is 你呢 in Chinese.

Barber Surgeons Guild

Modern take on men’s grooming built for the 80 million men in the US experiencing hair thinning, and millions more who want to prevent it.

Altaneve - Vico Neve LLC

Altaneve creates a new opportunity within an already exploding Prosecco market by creating a super high-quality product positioned at the top end of the market.


Bio-ART (Biological Aerobic Remediation Technology) closing the loop in our culture of waste.

The Complete Social Media Marketing Solution: publishing, scheduling, app-builder, ecomm, analytics and gameification - for web + mobile.

24/7 TEACH

We are an Online Marketplace and Ecosystem for K-12 Educational Services and Training.


PERCH is the leading mixed reality retail marketing platform that detects what products customers are touching and responds with dynamic digital content.

Dr. Jojo's

Dr. Jojo's All-Natural Immediate Topical Sinus Headache Relief takes away annoying pain in seconds guaranteed or your money back.


Jackalope is the aggregated platform for outsourcing and temporary hiring. Send Jack tasks, see Jack run, get work done.


Smart clothes platform for vital health information so user can make wiser choices about health and lifestyle

Ex Vivo Dynamics

We are developing a platform device technology to improve the quality of blood for transfusions.

Dog Parker

Dog Parker places high-tech, internet-connected dog houses on the sidewalk outside of stores where dogs aren't allowed serving both dog owners and retailers.


Founded by two moms, Cakest provides Do-It-Yourself cake kits that make it easy for anyone to bake unforgettable memories.