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Elitka Group

Elitka Card is for those who are accustomed to special treatment and who enjoy spending quality time while saving money on their daily life experiences.

UGo Smoothies

The UGo automated smoothie store, stores frozen fruits and vegetables and blends smoothies on demand, The whole process is visible through our transparent case.


We have digitized WORD OF MOUTH by inventing a social media platform that connects retailers cash registers/points of sale with top social media networks


WIZART is a mobile app that connects you to an art expert for an individualized tour of a major museum or cultural destination.

Loop de Luxe

Loop de Luxe is a new marketing & sales platform featuring high-end designers and local boutiques with a focus on USA-made luxury goods.

Yosi, Inc

Yosi is a patient engagement and workflow management software for providers.

Ninja Smart

"Hack n Slash Educational" game Combines the reflexes and fun of an action game to make the best study aid ever: Not Just Smart, Ninja Smart

Motion Traxx

Motion Traxx helps you stay motivated during your workouts.

AllTheRooms Seed2

AllTheRooms is the world’s largest accommodations search engine, containing the world’s largest collection of accommodations industry data


Crowdsourced Stock Ratings

Going Natural

the .com for Natural Hair solutions; Exceptional hairstyles, products and services to improve the image and health of African hair.


The first trustworthy marketplace to find, book and pay for excellent services by top independent service professionals

QoL Devices, Inc.

Alvio™ is a wireless mobile Breathing Trainer. It brings Respiratory Training and Therapy home in a fun engaging, accountable way, helping over 50 M Americans.

The Vision Lab ®

The Vision Lab ® helps companies transform by tapping into the wisdom of employees.


Ludlow generates highly targeted newsletters to each individual in your email list by learning their preferences

Health Recovery Solutions

HRS solves CHF, COPD, and Diabetes readmissions by providing real time patient data that allows for timely interventions via clinical and social support

WishPoints, Inc

WishPoints is a predictive platform to aggregates intent
 for volume based negotiations and competitive bidding by companies for future customers.


Ask questions anonymously and get advice from others nearby.

MuMM uses visual choices to give brands and celebrities a more meaningful way to engage their audience and produce actionable data.