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MyPackagePlace is a last mile package delivery service modeled after several successful similar businesses operating in Europe and the UK.


EHR.Works makes healthcare providers more productive.

Striking 101

Striking 101 has become the official striking program/ affiliate for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools and will continue to do so.


Wrevel is an online platform that integrates event ticketing with social networking.


We make shelves that light up your stuff

ĀTO Gallery

Āto Gallery is decentralizing the art buying experience using blockchain as a tool to usher in a new age of transparency and liquidity in the art market.


Weesh is a mobile app that allows romantic couples to find and share things to do together.


MilagrosArt cultivates harmony between the creative process and clients by nurturing the unique vibrations that resonate within each being and the art.


360Stories is new VR/AR platform with engaging 360 photos/videos to sell one day tours and attractions online.

Socialleet, Inc.

Socialleet is an integrated CRM, sales, and discovery platform for the nightlife industry.

Mien Kielo

We are a new clothing line focusing on well-crafted, flattering clothes w/ custom prints & embroidery for the modern 20/30 something woman.

Deitscho LP

Vertically Integrated real estate investment platform that uses technology to simplify private real estate investment.


We are a lending marketplace that prepares and drives quality small business loans to traditional local lenders for long term responsible relationships.


DISCO is the first platform powering memberships at local businesses.

Q Designs

Q Designs is a luxury brand creating products with embedded technologies.


Fun online community for learning languages using engaging adaptive exercises instantly created from favorite online videos and other media.