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Pneuron is business orchestration software that enables enterprises to create, deploy and manage intelligence, reports and applications.


Jyst is a new crowd-sourced, anonymous relationship advice app created by women/for women to provide a supportive community about relationship issues.


Slidebean is a simplified presentation tool. By separating content from design, users can create slides in a fraction of the time they spend on Power Point.

White Elephant

We produce fashion photos and videos for Chinese clients in US.


A rental-car platform that uses NFC & biometrics to eliminate physical vendors to place cars closer to the user and ultimately form a new way to rent cars.

DomainPaid, Inc.

At the most basic level, owning a domain name today is the digital equivalent of owning a piece of land in the real world real estate market

America Green Solar

Fully Integrated Solar Company utilizing unique technology to operate in All 50 states with 5 min conversion times


Accessories for a wireless world: we design things that don't just connect you to your digital life, they make you part of it.


Ossum's drag & drop platform allows anyone to create next generation interactive video and share it virtually anywhere on the web!


AI-powered acquisition analysis for rental home investors.


Dollaride is a mobility company serving people who live in transit deserts.

Husky Laboratory

HuskyLab interconnects sites, transforming the web into one big social network. Make and meet new or existing friends on any website.

Fann Direct Application

FannDirect is a social network of Friends, Acquaintances, and Neighbors Nearby that connects users with various Service Providers.


NeuroHydrate HM-Formula is a market-proven viable new migraine prevention solution for a $10bn market. 94% of long-term customers recommend using it to others.


Poln is the first advertising platform designed specifically to help small to mid-sized online retailers acquire new customers easily & cost-effectively.


MotoLink brings connectivity technology to the powersports industry allowing to harvest valuable sensor and geolocation data from the vehicles.

Bobby Salehi Houston Tx

Bobby Salehi Houston Tx is a Attorney. Our network of member lawyers continues to rapidly grow and today spans the entire United States.