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anOthervision an urban based entertainment production company which produces original new media for and by urban youth.

Menachem Tewel

Social workers like Menachem Tewel helps people cope with their lives challenges. Youth Community Worker named Mendel Tevel help with a wide range of situations


We help academically inexperienced college students develop the thinking skills they need to graduate.


Seaters fills empty seats on sport & music events for both sponsors and organizers. We do so with the introduction of intelligent and innovative waiting lists.


Bestowed is a marketing, selling, and research platform for healthy CPG brands and a product discovery and shopping platform for health-conscious consumers.


Not BETTER Data Security. BONA FIDE Data Security. Genuinely secure data doesn't exist without it. The solution to data vulnerability, worldwide.

AMA Animal Rescue

NY state 501(C)3 registered non-profit animal rescue. Young women who find loving, forever homes for death row, stray and abused animals- looking for support.

Zaken Kannon LLC

The world only electronic device that protects your car's bumpers from other driver's when your car is parked and unattended.


Students and professionals use BigTwist to create powerful and engaging presentations.


Capturing spaces in 3D with a phone


Personaa is a revolutionized online gift-shop that recommends perfect gifts and customized packages based on people's personalities.

Mysterious Creativity Inc.

We have various patents and technologies, so we want to raise $1 million investments to produce them and sell them to the world!

Pre Alfa Version is Ready! Check it here:


The most comprehensive solution to connect million of shoppers in the Caribbean and Central America with local and foreign sellers on a single web platform.


FreshNeck is the "Netflix of Ties," providing access to designer men's accessories for a low monthly fee.

CliffRose, Inc.

CliffRose is developing an intuitive web app that combines managing of projects, files & finances to help B2B companies see critical data.


WeDemand shares fan demand and data with artists and managers, enabling a one-to-one conversation while helping inform the best places to tour.


Whether buying a single article or purchasing a subscription, Swishu allows readers to read and publishers to publish - how they want to.


We create software and hardware to: entertain, and execute daily tasks. Our portfolio include 3D games with Cloud gaming and downloads.