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Lot Info

Lot Info's Map Gold searches through a vast pool of sales and property assets enabling businesses to find opportunities first.


A new algorithm-based transmission technology that leverages teraFLOPS of computing power to resolve the transport issues of “Big Data."


We offer your own mini-cloud, in a box, that you can see and share. For the first time ever you do not need to worry about handouts, notes, or meeting minutes.


Rocking Facebook Ads for eCommerce Companies


Your on demand, small business financial expert in the cloud


Because it's your stuff... ShareRight makes it easy to share, protect, license and monetize digital assets.


Learning a language? Next step: Immersion. Lexody helps you master any language, by having an in-person conversation with a native speaker.


Touchable is a touch screen software platform designed to promote lead generation and analyze consumer behavior for brick and mortar businesses.


LifeNome is a genomics Software as a Service (gSaaS) platform, leveraging biological, physiological, and behavioral data to power precision health and wellness.

Alquimi Innovations, LLC

Karma the Game of Destiny. Play the Game. Find your Soulmates. Karma is a New Concept in Dating, Making Friends, Finding Things to Do, and more...


Groundwork builds automated interviewers for brands to collect market research data from audiences over chat and voice platforms.


Analytics & Digital Targeting for the Beverage Alcohol Space


THE O is a human-centric wearable tech lifestyle brand on a mission to increase mental well-being.


speak-n-find is an electronic device that enables its users to find within seconds items they constantly misplace in their homes and offices


The first umbrella rental company that makes it easier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly for New Yorkers to stay dry


Story2 revolutionizes 21st century communication skills, college and career readiness through the neuroscience of storytelling.

Fann Direct Application

FannDirect is a social network of Friends, Acquaintances, and Neighbors Nearby that connects users with various Service Providers.


Order. Pay. Eat. Never Leave Your Seat!