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WriterMaker is a Collaborative Marketplace that handles the end-to-end process of text-creation: writing, editing, graphic design, marketing, and placement.

InvestAcure, PBC

An automated spare change investment platform to help us cure Alzheimer's by investing in companies developing scientific discoveries into new therapeutics.

My Bowerbird

At My Bowerbird one of our dedicated designers will curate a palette of material samples for the DIYer's renovation project.

La Rose Perfumes

La Rose is the online encyclopedia of perfumes, online boutiqe, perfume subscribe service and a community of perfume lovers.


Landstylist is a one stop shop that seeks to bring affordable, stylish, and intelligent landscape design to anyone with any kind of outdoor space.


Mezocliq provides a cloud-based enterprise technology solution which unifies fragmented legacy data & enables broad-ranging analytics & process transformation.


IKEA-based programming platform for the Internet of Things market


Our pieces are Modern + Original, with Versatility for the Style Mavens and Independent Fashion Forward 'Individuals'.

Party Energizers New York

Make your event memorable with Party Energizers photography, videography, DJ's and photo both rental services all over the New York.

Reading Room Inc

THE READING ROOM is one of the fastest growing, informative, and entertaining social book discovery channels in the world - 1.4m members & 525k FB followers.


Communications & advertising agency delivering creative ideas around the world


AgFunder's investment marketplace makes investing in agriculture easy and accessible.

Toilets for People

2.5 billion people need toilets. Toilets for People makes an affordable, waterless composting toilet called the CRAPPER that we sell to sanitation focused NGOs.

DanCof The Green Way To Heaven

A sustainable product with a unique opportunity for a good profit. Setup can be done ANYWHERE on the Globe, or at the most desired USA/Canada.

Curative Orthopaedics, inc.

Curative Orthopaedics develops therapeutic garments specifically for nighttime use to help chronic pain sufferers sleep at night.

Whim LLC

An app that allows college students to socialize on an impulse by paring contact lists ranked by availability and proximity with a streamlined invitation system


get the real estate broker commissions that the brokers are usually keeping for themselves