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Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging's low-cost, throwable omnidirectional cameras enable first responders to safely inspect dangerous spaces in 360 on their phone without entering.


StyleSage delivered data-driven insights to help fashion brands and retailers maximize sales and optimize merchandising and planning.


The World's Visual Conversation Network


Osukpon is a digital platform that connects customers with independent fashion designers for custom-made fit clothing for everyday wear or special occasions.


We offer your own mini-cloud, in a box, that you can see and share. For the first time ever you do not need to worry about handouts, notes, or meeting minutes.

Tetran Living

Ever-evolving furniture for an ever-changing world

MailDesk Pvt Ltd

MailDesk offers email solution in the USA or Canada, 24/7 ask to fix email problems.

Vitality Enterprises LLC

Because the time has never been more urgent or the need greater to keep people 60 and better connected, engaged and revitalized.

BookaLokal Inc.

BookaLokal is a marketplace that connects aspiring chefs, food entrepreneurs and restaurants to new customers.

Pervasive Group Inc.

A comprehensive Mobile Parental Control platform for Smartphones. 4 of 5 stars user rating, strong customer testimonials. Parents love it!

Magesolution's Startup

Mage Solution is providing a lot of extensions for magento commerce at an affordable cost.


Automated detection of potential failures in products and processes.

Modern Meadow

Applying latest advances in tissue engineering to create meat and leather without the need to raise, slaughter and transport animals.

Lickuid Silver

A café, at the crossroads between natural menu for dogs, and Starbucks ‘home away from home’ environment for owners

Take The Interview

TTI is a SaaS platform designed to solve the challenges of the interviewing process so that organizations can hire better candidates faster.


We have digitized WORD OF MOUTH by inventing a social media platform that connects retailers cash registers/points of sale with top social media networks

Harvest Platform

Harvest Platform identifies negotiable bank fees and gets refunds, automatically.