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Acteamo is one of the best software collaboration tool in United States.

Push For Pizza

Push For Pizza is the easiest way to order pizza ever. We are at the forefront of frictionless commerce, using pizza as a proof point.

Linda Mason Elements, Inc.

Looking to complete and market four cosmetic product lines, incubated at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason .


Self-powered computers are getting closer to your bodies; Cure Patch is to collect vital signs data for wireless monitoring of your health.

PhenoMx, Inc.

Personalized Digital Physical Exam to directly measure the major vital organs & tissues from a whole body perspective using non-invasive medical imaging.


Founded by two moms, Cakest provides Do-It-Yourself cake kits that make it easy for anyone to bake unforgettable memories.


Contract management and compliance solution for construction firms on public works and infrastructure projects.

CHS Test

Consciousness = Happiness + Self-confidence

Paygevity, Inc.

An innovative, disruptive, FinTech payment company, transforming supply chain payments with its scalable PromptPay and PayExchange technology platforms.


A mobile application that serves as an intermediary between volunteers and organizations while providing a novel metric to quantify one’s social impact


Recommendations based on your taste.


Pathgather is a new approach to enterprise learning that helps employees share what they know and connect around professional development.


Story2 revolutionizes 21st century communication skills, college and career readiness through the neuroscience of storytelling.

Zaclab technologies

We are the website development and digital marketing company based in new york.

Opus Apps Inc

Opus is a professional network that empowers musicians and venues with performance opportunities.

DermApproved is a marketing and eCommerce platform for lifestyle sites.


EZfaceplate outlet cover has the receptacle face built into it why change a perfectly good working outlet because of its look No need to replace Just Ezface!

Atlas Circus Company

The Atlas Circus Company seeks to reinvent the American Circus by creating narrative circus productions and a center for circus arts in the United States.


EMPEQ is a fintech company with a proprietary financing and service solution enabling SMBs to access capital solutions to install and upgrade building equipment


Innovative business solution using AR technology to create a marketplace tailored to the $300 billion Design Industry