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TagWell is a marketplace dedicated to making wellness highly social and fully accessible to our community and our enterprise partners.


Dajomi plans to revolutionize the headhunting industry by conducting online case competitions for the most sought-after careers


Cennarium is a global media business building a film library of opera, dance and theater.

IKONA Health

Reinventing education in healthcare — one experience at a time.


Maptycs provides geovisualization and risk analytics capabilities to the commercial insurance industry.

PhenoMx, Inc.

Personalized Digital Physical Exam to directly measure the major vital organs & tissues from a whole body perspective using non-invasive medical imaging.

modern guild, inc.

a web-enabled career mentoring company that combines unique curriculum and professional mentoring to illuminate career paths to students

Curvi Inc.

Your shower will feel huge with the SPACE™ Liner

At Peak

AT PEAK is a mobile fitness and sports business, bringing the best of sports medicine and athletic training to every field and every home in the country.


Our purpose is to unify image processing and machine learning technologies with online apparel shopping to eliminate its primary problems.

Interface Foundry PBC

Our platform aggregates cloud data and integrates with connected devices giving users a single universal remote control for the world around them.


Powerlinx is a global B2B technology platform that connects businesses worldwide to make them more successful, drive innovation and fuel the global economy.


Muserk makes video more powerful!

Gig Lance

Gig Lance is a gig economy platform that facilitate a relationship between advice seeker and seller


BeeOnTheGo is a complete system, front end application and back end. Together they enable an endless number of possibilities relating to concierge services.

Pvilion Inc.

With proprietary technology and design Pvilion creates a niche in the solar market for highly visible projects where beauty is essential.