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Crowdfunding for entertainment and arts venues


Wellth allows health systems and insurers to actually understand and change patient behaviors to drastically improve outcomes and costs.

Menachem Tewel

Social workers like Menachem Tewel helps people cope with their lives challenges. Youth Community Worker named Mendel Tevel help with a wide range of situations


Beetbox uses real food as a vehicle to bring STEM lessons to life.


Media Industry's first truly mobile B2B SaaS production ERP platform that transforms media production collaboration and management with digital workflows.

SPEAK Mentorship

An organization connecting girls and women of first-generation and immigrant backgrounds to further their academic and professional interests.

Givkwik, Inc

We help companies give - with turnkey software and services for cause marketing and community engagement to engage employees and customers in philanthropy.

3P Partners, Inc

Enterprise partners boost engagement, retention, LTV - all through a fun, addictive platform that mashes up smart tech, game strategy and a currency of good.


Solys are what happens when Invisiline meets Louboutin. Custom, sexy, 3D printed insoles for shoes. They're a lifestyle, not a product.


Using blockchain and e-learning tech to challenge an outdated beauty education system (which creates time, costs, and public health & safety issues).


Accessories for a wireless world: we design things that don't just connect you to your digital life, they make you part of it.


A platform which connects patients with doctors who are available to service patients on the Weekends utilizing Zocdoc API


Making a glocal digital workplace where clients find excellent workers closeby.

Mander Jewelry

Mander Jewelry is working to become next iconic American jewelry brand specializing modern design, and custom jewelry.

Elia Life Technology

Assistive hardware and software that enables the blind and people with low vision to gain literacy and thereby education, employment, and independence.


Through interdisciplinary collaboration we propel R&D cycles