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Ultrasound Medical Mapping

"UMM" is a medical device company currently developing a 3D scanning equipment that uses low frequency ultrasounds to scan breast cancer.


I'm starting up a business in media and publishing, I will be serving all kinds of advertisement work, children t.v., e-learning and publishing production.


Miraculex is creating the next generation of protein sweeteners.


Z-nodes provides low cost telecommunications solutions for developing regions where access to communication services is unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Qualitas Loans, Inc.

QL provides the most affordable home improvement, debt consolidation loans for the majority of homeowners using latest technology and capital markets financing.


A new concept in men's casual/dress footwear: minimalist philosophy meets classic designs. 1st movers w/1.5k pre-orders in a $2B minimalist athletic shoe mkt.

FremantleMedia North America

FremantleMedia North America creates, produces, and distributes television and digital content. As a global content company, FremantleMedia generates beloved shows from The X Factor to Family Feud.


MealPal is an AI technology company changing the way lunch works by offering users a subscription app that connects consumers to speedy, affordable, tasty lunch deals at the best local restaurants.


Greatist is a digital media company that produces health and wellness content for millennial readers. Greatist publishes only high-quality writing whose claims are backed by scientific evidence.


Entelo assists companies in recruiting top talent. Using predictive analytics, behavioral listening, and social signals, Entelo helps companies identify, qualify, and engage with candidates.


Amplify is a new kind of educational company, dedicated to reimagining the K-12 learning process through the creation of digital products and services that empower teachers, students, and parents. enables some of the world’s best advertisers to automate and optimize advertising through an excellent solution that boosts reach as a badged Facebook Marketing Partner.