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Engaging #Social Display for Local Businesses

Travel a la Carte

We provide travelers with the ultimate all-in-one travel solution including one single booking platform, digital travel wallet and personal AI assistant.


Yelp-style neighborhood information and hyperlocal hub that provides individuals a resource to find best-fit neighborhoods, housing, local events, and trends.


Crowdfunding for entertainment and arts venues


The world's first shared phonebook.


Printdustry allows everyone to bring amazing products to life by its vast network of 3D printing hubs


Fit4D solves for diabetes Rx persistency problem which is costing healthcare >$13B/year and is growing.

BRASH Engines Inc.

BRASH CHP: Heat & Power for the homeowner. Replace furnace, halve winter fuel cost, eliminate the power bill, while lowering GHG emissions.


Let Quid help you quit your bad spending habits!


Huegroup is the color intelligence platform providing color analytics to rationalize and optimize color product and brand decisions that drive business value

Kool Nerd Clothing

An social impact apparel brand and social movement that uses clothes to market the positive values of today’s Kool Nerd - Hard Work, Intelligence, and Passion

NetPlay, Inc.

Enhance Your Video Game Performance with Mini-Games That Adapt to Your Skills! An AI-Backed Training Platform That Makes You A Better Gamer, Faster.

Car Leasing Pro

Car Leasing Pro, 225 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, +1 646-930-7399


A membership-based digital food and travel guide with in-house boutique concierge services.


A new game/toy for physical play with ninja-like moves