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Medicinal Corporation

We sell the most portable and discreet handheld vaporizer available, for $99. We compete in a number of subculture and mainstream markets.


Ocotur connects individuals in the fashion space, making it easier to collaborate, search and get discovered


Connect with the best apartments and rooms ahead of the market.

Starch Slides

We are taking used shirts and creating fashionable, comfortable, unique slides for women.

Equitable Origin

The world's first and only market-based certification for responsible oil and gas production.

MirCou, Inc.

The first interactive tourism guide for families based on storytelling. Turning every city trip into an adventure. It's the future of digital city guides!


Evite Meets a Gift Registry. Potluck simplifies the organization of parties by allowing the host to build an interactive list of what guests should bring.


Delivery for public places and large venues using mobile point of sale technology.


360 Degree - Worldwide Trip Planner at Your Finger Tips


A personal trainer at your fingertips: Vitogo changes how you approach fitness by giving you the tools you need and making them easy to use


Jetzy is the world's first geo-location based, user-to-user social app to connect travelers to travelers and locals in real time and give free travel rewards.


The most comprehensive solution to connect million of shoppers in the Caribbean and Central America with local and foreign sellers on a single web platform.

eBrandz Inc

Professional SEO Company New York & India


Dajomi plans to revolutionize the headhunting industry by conducting online case competitions for the most sought-after careers

Exclusively Kristen

Exclusively Kristen is an ecommerce fashion company specializing in DD+ apparel.


A video-based, personal style platform that celebrates the individuality of personal style, creating an authentic way to relate to fashion.


I am seeking capital for my patent pending, category defining pet product in the $4.8B pet food market of 57MM US pet owners, which is currently in development.


A purpose driven event engine to help stimulate positive social behavior through social consciousness, music and education.