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djüssIT (pronounced "juice it") is hardware and app combined that allow consumers to charge their phone and business owners to increase their sales.

Star Racers

Star Racers is a novel that could become a valuable franchise with many revenue streams as a book series, movie, video game, and merchandise.

A mobile application for users to share their activities at local stores - what they like, buy, recommend etc - on their social networks.


As Seen on Shark Tank: Digital Learning for Girls

Artisan Online

Artisan Online allows customers to buy handmade goods directly from artisans, bypassing middlemen, so that craftsmen get paid fairly.

Pluvio, Inc.

We're producing interactive, dynamic, and engaging customer experiences & bridging the O2O ecosystems through an AI & graph powered adaptive experience engine.

Brooklyn's only source for verified apartment reviews.

Crypto Button

Crypto Pay Pal. Sell in $ or favorite crypto and receive payments in+100 crypto currencies.0% fees for buyers.crypto rewards for influencers with just 1 account

Picasso Labs

Picasso Labs automates creative decision-making.


Alcohoot is the world's first law enforcement grade smartphone breathalyzer.

Karst Stone Paper

Global sustainability company that focuses on creating luxury stationery and lifestyle products. Our paper products are made from sustainable stone paper.


EnerKnol is solving the biggest data problem in the $1.37 trillion U.S. energy market with the first real-time energy policy decision support SaaS platform.

The Regulars

Helping the creative class build, share, and monetize their regular audiences.


DocDelta is the talent engine for healthcare recruiting, using predictive analytics to identify which physicians are interested in moving jobs.


First advertising AI-assistant that saves marketing budgets


Groundwork builds automated interviewers for brands to collect market research data from audiences over chat and voice platforms.

Gary App

Gary App makes gathering simple - empowering you to Invite friends, Receive feedback on who is “In” and “Out”, Chat, and Find a gathering location.

MealPlan Inc

An app that aggregates or lets you input your schedule. You then choose friends and we calculate the best time for you all to eat together.