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Ask your local middle school if they want to teach coding. They do, but they don't know how. Codesters is the answer that will get coding into that school.


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Activate My Box

My self Elizabeth from the USA. I am technical blogger always provided technical information. Friends if you need any help or suggestion about Roku device


We are a social data analytics provider that analyzes the conversations of over 600 million users in real time across Chinese social media.

Groove Club LLC

We are blending social networking, reality TV, and gaming into one interesting experience". Four of our shows are under network review.

Just Keep Moving

Just Keep Moving is looking to disrupt the worlds of gaming, fitness and social media forever


Heart Hug is a crowd-gifting platform where individuals send gifts, money and/or services to their loved ones.

Bookstr Inc

Bookstr's audience is US millennial females via social media original content channels. Now @ 160m + impressions. Objective is trade sale exit within 15 months


Ezakus is the Pretargeting company. After 3 years building our advertise performance driven platform we have launch the commercial phase of our service.

Power Associates

ISPYER/ ApplyYourself project - removing obstacles to adequate job training and education certifications that would result in liveable wages

Raaka Chocolate

Award winning product, 3yr traction in 6 Whole Foods regions, new Brooklyn factory, successful online subscription plan, solid growth, great growth potential.


Cnekt is a social discovery service empowering face-to-face interactions by connecting users based on preferences and location in real time.


Zocdoc for Immigrant Legal Help

I Know The Chef

I Know The Chef is a VIP reservations app and website for the best NYC restaurants.


Providing Risk Capital for Projects and Risk Mitigation for Investors


Photo-print apparel brand in collaboration with visual artists and respective humanitarian and environmental philanthropies.


ROUND2 is a digital community of athletes that hosts a marketplace to find affordable gear and the opportunity to engage with their favorite athletic brands.

Free Bread, Inc.

Free Bread manufactures high end gluten free bread and distributes it to consumers, retailers and foodservice establishments.

Flyte LLC

Magnetic levitation technology company and creators of the world's first levitating lightbulb. With Flyte, we've set the lightbulb free.