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IndiCure Health Tours

Most Renowned Medical Tourism Company providing one stop solution to medical tourists seeking India as medical treatment destination.


OpBandit provides simple editorial tools for A/B testing headlines, photos, and content placement for online publishers and content marketers.


Enterprise Contract Management Software

Kungphoo Inc.

Kicking Your Advertising and Promotions Up a Notch!


Cloud platform creating awesome educational tools for parents on mobile devices

XapiX Inc.

"Github of APIs" - XapiX makes it easy for developers to discover, combine and consume data/services from multiple API providers.


BuildaTeam is an e-coaching algorithm that will help you write better, build better relationships, and be a better person.

Scott Malcolm Texas

Scott Malcolm Texas first met to every person and he love all person, I would’ve said he is loud and conceited. He is such a hard worker.

Thanks, Bro

Say thanks like a man - with beef jerky & beer.

Nelson, Khalil & Kayden Corp.

The Portable Safety Dish is the first patented securable food/item storage dish which will be useful in the home and industry.

Drives Football

Drives is an in-game app that lets players buy or sell the outcome of each offensive play or possession. Players compete against friends or in open Contests.


SIMPLENIGHT enables any company to sell everything there is to do in a city to their customers.

FlyTimeMedia Inc.

FTM monetizes airport restrooms with a network of digital screens running paid ads and PSAs. We drive millions to merchants and raise new revenue for airports.


Findster is building the future of pet health and safety by creating the technology platform that will allow our pets to communicate with us.


CariCorps is a highly selective leadership fellowship for young professionals on Wall Street who are passionate about corporate sustainability.


VOIDOOZE is a real estate & Mechanical equipment booking & transport booking ,manpower supply  company