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igobono is a social marketplace where members buy, sell and donate goods and services using a social currency (called “bonos”) instead of money.


CrowdFlik is the patented mobile video synchronization and collaboration platform that enables quick review and creation of new videos from shared videos.

Aspisafe Solutions

Aspisafe Solutions is a company focused on manufacturing aspiration friendly feeding tubes.


Ninoh is a smart calendar that gives you recommendations based on where you are, who you're with and most importantly, what you love to do!


thinkplay is revolutionizing musical performance by enabling musicians to play any sound from their instrument. Think it, play it.


The personal stylist community for shopping with confidence

MuMM uses visual choices to give brands and celebrities a more meaningful way to engage their audience and produce actionable data.


Mobile bid auction platform that allows riders to “name your own price” for car service, enabling drivers to identify fares on demand.


Re-Nuble’s patent-pending on-site nutrient system enables soilless farms to quickly unlock nutrients from food waste for uptake by crops.


Create with Pond5 and bring your vision to life.

Pillo Health

Pillo is an intelligent medication management platform and personal health assistant for the home.


We make shelves that light up your stuff


Teamble helps companies develop and retain millennial talent with continuous feedback, engagement and personalized learning

Hot Key Excellence Inc.

Gamification company that changes the way people learn hard skills and programs: Learn by doing; Learn at your own pace; Have fun; Get awards and compete.

Branching Minds

Branching Minds is a web application for K12 school districts that combines learning science and technology to streamline, focus, and personalize intervention.

Dagmy Motors

We design & manufacture advanced and affordable electric vehicles and EV technologies.