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New York Car Lease

New York Car Lease, 72 Columbia Street, New York, NY 10002, +1 347-281-6501


THE O is a human-centric wearable tech lifestyle brand on a mission to increase mental well-being.


Instructrr is a virtual studio platform for fitness creators and modern fitness enthusiasts.


Qvit is a technology that creates an exact replica of its user's body and designers' garments. Users can virtually try on many styles and sizes before buying.


We match volunteers with discounts


Top B2B Email Lists Service Providers in USA

Greensbury Market

American sourced, grassfed, USDA certified organic beef, organic pasture-fed chicken, sustainably caught seafood & more. All delivered directly to consumers.


Self-powered computers are getting closer to your bodies; Cure Patch is to collect vital signs data for wireless monitoring of your health.

Instrument Capital

IC’s proprietary process generates a more personalized asset allocation for consumers by incorporating non-traditional factors like human capital & real estate.

Donald Osmund

Donald Osmund is a Chief Executive Officer at Seedbearer Corporation,New York, United States.

Kool Nerd Clothing

An social impact apparel brand and social movement that uses clothes to market the positive values of today’s Kool Nerd - Hard Work, Intelligence, and Passion

Treble Industries Inc

Treble Industries is a digital networking platform for the millions of creatives looking to find collaborators and make valuable industry connections.


Digital, augmented reality based travel/field trip guides that change the way families see the world - at home and while traveling.


A new mobile app that fulfills two things people love, shopping and instant gratification. Shop at local stores from your phone.

Vega Coffee, Inc.

Re-imagine the coffee industry, support the educational and financial wealth of coffee farmers, and produce the highest quality coffee, direct from the source.

ourbus inc

OurBus builds communities by creating smart routes based on commuter demand.

Agora Fund

Agora makes it easy for smart social investors to find and fund high impact charities. We're like Wealthfront in investing or Orbitz in travel, but we do good.

BONBON Networks

We produce incredible content for women on lifestyle, entrepreneurship and inspiration and monetize multiple ways.