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ViaHero allows travelers to hire locals to plan their trip.


New Daily Fantasy Sports engaging the everyday fan!

Project E for Entertainment

Project E is a group of incredibly talented teenagers trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry!

Heed Media

We are a pop-culture and digital-first driven media outlet with content geared specifically for a multi-ethnic demographic via various streams of distribution.

Propel Electric Bikes

Propel is the Nation's premier electric bike matchmaker with a flagship store in Brooklyn. We work with top ebike brands to help change the way the world moves!

Inventway, a company that invents & markets its own innovative projects.

The Light Phone

The Light Phone is your phone away from phone. It's a tool that gives us back the most important things we too easily take for granted, our time and attention.

Banana Skirt Productions

Banana Skirt Productions (Banana Skirt) is a successful New York City-based fitness boutique that merges dance routines and high-intensity workouts.

Quantac Inc

Wearable biosensor platform that tracks alcohol consumption through the skin.

Digital Surrogate Corp

DSC provides 3D mobile clothes fittingroom service based on realistic digital clone tech, that can be integrated into mobile shopping mall.


Italian/American Luxury Fashion Technology Brand


Wrkbook is a mobile and web platform that connects construction contractors with qualified skill trade workers instantly.


The fastest and most user-friendly way to manage lines and waitlists.

Best Investments

We buy profitable turn-key operating businesses with our capital and reinvest the profit to grow the business and buy turn key businesses.


360 Degree - Worldwide Trip Planner at Your Finger Tips


GameHedge is a sports ticket marketplace that offers fans a 50% refund if the home team loses by a specified number of runs, points or goals. No gimmicks.


Sharebert pays users to browse, shop, and share and get discounts from more than 100,000+ brands and high-end products, like Ebates amplified via social.


A smart content recommendation engine–optimizing travel consumption and distribution with real time content and support personalization.


The easiest way to create a mobile employee handbook. Your comapny's policy, news, and staff contacts are now in one app.