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Cidea Incorporated

Incubator whose current project is an integration of directional mapping service with localized venue suggestions along route of travel.


CrashDwell helps students find and offer sublets and other temporary housing options easily, safely, and reliably through an online market.

Rock your brain

Abacus is the way to develop your brain, train your quick response and prepare yourself for your future in a mathematical way.

Vann Alexandra

Vann Alexandra is a Brooklyn-based creative services agency that gets projects financed through crowdfunding, with a 100% success rate.

royale's Startup

Providing you a higher quality of recreation at your doorstep, can evolve your concept regarding entertainment.

lets go potty

My venture is to help mothers and make their jobs easy, Potty training is not easy, my chair will be a learning tool.

Precise Management

I want to promote to a college aged demographic. I need a radio promotion to maximize brand exposure

Baruch College

When today's busy college student is not able to study, they use "Study Group".