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MailDesk Pvt Ltd

MailDesk offers email solution in the USA or Canada, 24/7 ask to fix email problems.

Datacubed Health

An mHealth Platform and Business Intelligence as a Service company

BeaTuan 必團

online exchange for DJs and vocalists to create hits in China


With a combination of AI & statistical methods, we find relevant leads and their pertinent information to grow any B2B sales pipeline

STEM Lending, Inc.

STEM lending is an online mortgage broker empowering Millennials with a competitive marketplace for comparing mortgage options as they buy their first home.

Hot Key Excellence Inc.

Gamification company that changes the way people learn hard skills and programs: Learn by doing; Learn at your own pace; Have fun; Get awards and compete.

Trubador Inc.

Instant & revolutionary new platform to connect consumers and businesses via trusted feedback.


Livespot 365 connects artists to fans through high definition live streaming of their events.


Uvii is a collaborative learning platform.

Fr33Bread Entertainment LLC

Fr33Bread Entertainment aims to find & bring young artists from all walks of life to share their talents, stories, and thoughts with the world through music.

EatDrinkJobs is a restaurant / bar job site for qualified, recommended employees. Job seekers create profiles with recommendations from peers, instructors, mana


A new entertainment portal for the social good, powered by machine learning and data analytics.

Plum Perfect

we use your photos to discover products ‘just for you’ 


Quokka is a mixed reality V-Commerce platform that enables a true-2-life, holographic shopping experience anywhere you are.

Measurence Inc.

We are the Mixpanel of physical retail. Through off the shelf, wifi sensors, we deliver a cloud-based contextual analytics and proximity marketing platform


We make shelves that light up your stuff

Verizon Services

Verizon regularly updates email client settings to improve security but still, there are several reasons that can hinder your work at any time of the day.