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BuildStream is the labour marketplace for the renewable energy sector which also provides funded training for workers.


Sympler is a consumer insights technology. The platform (soft) launched October of 2018, clients include Coke, Adidas, Nintendo, Yahoo, & Google.


Sqoot's API helps publishers monetize by displaying relevant, aggregated deals to users.


Compliance monitoring, archiving and analytics in mobile phone messaging for the enterprise in order to minimize business risks.

Sendfie Inc.

A social media networking/sharing platform for foodies where the dining experience is paid for (tax and tips incl.) prior to guests arriving at the restaurant.


The next big thing in streaming music.


Portable Electronic Medical Records using Smart Card with Biometric Security. A Digital Interoperability & Portability Platform company.

SUPAspot Inc

SUPA is a biometric sensor/data platform for apparel.

Grillbot, LLC

Grillbot sells an innovative product solution for automating the cleaning of barbecue grills, and has no real competition in our market.

Drunk Yoga™

Across America, urbanites gather in bars & other nontraditional spaces for a unique experience of yoga with wine. Come laugh, feel yourself and find community.


Financial modeling for SMBs

Torsh Inc.

We increase teacher quality by deploying a video–based teacher observation and data analytics platform that interprets classroom activities.

Natia Daviti

As a professional Lawer, Natia Daviti plays an important role and focused on a customized strategy to her work with the firm’s career law clients.


We design products that help people rest, recover and re-focus. Our first product is an immersive at-home mindfulness experience. Think Peloton for mindfulness.


Joinery is transforming the way people find their next home in large cities via a peer-to-peer network.


SoundCentralStation connects music professionals via the music they have worked on together, making credits an asset for getting more work.

STEM Lending, Inc.

STEM lending is an online mortgage broker empowering Millennials with a competitive marketplace for comparing mortgage options as they buy their first home.

The Experience Ticket, Inc.

We let families enjoy theme parks, zoos and other attractions with mobile ticketing, reserved times for rides, GPS navigation and much more.

Twiage LLC

Twiage provides a novel mobile communication technology enabling EMS and hospitals to accelerate emergency care by replacing radio communication .