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Launchmetrics creates technology solutions that deliver reliable, effective, and innovative ways for fashion brands to transform their launch to market.

General Assembly

General Assembly is a global educational company, transforming thinkers into creators through innovative learning opportunities in tech, business, and design.


HBO is America’s most successful premium television company—featuring award-winning programming, top box office hits, and new media entertainment enjoyed by millions of subscribers worldwide.

Index Exchange

Index Exchange equips enterprise sellers with custom architected solutions, fully transparent sell-side management technology, and access to programmatic demand organized and certified by humans.


AppNexus powers the advertising that keeps the internet running—providing an innovative platform to help companies efficiently reach their audiences.

Return Path

Return Path collects, processes, analyzes, and provides data from across the email ecosystem, giving companies the insight they need to build closer, safer, and smarter relationships with customers.

Book Of The Month

Book of the Month curates books and sends club members a monthly package of good reads. The company blends e-commerce with editorial to keep books loved in the time of technology.


Sailthru believes that every user is unique and is driving a major shift in how companies engage with its individual customers through personalized digital experiences.

CA Technologies

CA Technologies uses software to give customers a competitive advantage, increasing productivity through differentiated user experiences to help customers achieve new growth opportunities.


Trustpilot provides a community-driven review platform where consumers can access authentic business reviews and engage directly with the companies they have or might do business with.


Andela connects top talent with the top employers in the tech landscape, harnessing the resources of the best and brightest minds to help shape the global view.


Magnetic streamlines targeting, merchandising, and marketing by gathering details about what people look for when browsing online, using smart analytics to help companies attract the right customers.

Take-Two Interactive Software

Take-Two Interactive is a leading developer, marketer, and publisher of interactive entertainment—from console and handheld games to personal computers and smartphones—for consumers around the globe.


Bitly is a tech company committed to the power of the link. Bitly shortens more than 1 billion links per month as an integral part of social, SMS, email efforts for its wide range of clients.


The NFL is America’s professional football league, bringing the exciting sport of football to enthusiasts year-round, around the world.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow offers internet users free, expert knowledge on diverse topics—from parenting to programming—through a network of user-friendly question and answer websites.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers across the globe are connected with each other and empowered to buy, sell, and share resources to improve their craft.


Dextro trains data recognition models—utilizing analyses to create accurate libraries of object recognition for use across many fields.

Robly Email Marketing

Robly Email Marketing is an innovative software company using automation and artificial intelligence to help small businesses boost marketing and deliver the most engaging digital campaigns.


Brightbox, Inc. is the world leader in the development, manufacture, and deployment of intelligent platforms that securely recharge mobile devices.