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Can A Bis, LLC

We sell the Can A 'Bis'. That's Bis, the tasty Ginger Soda, in a can!


CraftHounds is the first Fresh Craft marketplace for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, delivering local products on-demand within one hour.


Teslab is transforming the way 3D printers are used in classrooms by turning them from prosumer devices into multi-user, classroom workhorses.


Track private financials and increase your dealflow.


Roomeze specializes in renting apartments room by room through a roommate matchmaking service.


CrowdFlik is the patented mobile video synchronization and collaboration platform that enables quick review and creation of new videos from shared videos.


OWAL is a cloud CV platform that completely reimagines & enriches surveillance video, extracting information in realtime that improves communal life.


Software solution to the eye contact problem in video chat systems, based on new-gen depth cameras. Works for all popular video chats, e.g. Skype, Hangouts., PBC, PBC uses customized printed postcards to create tangible opportunities for both individual and collective expression.


Turning likes into $1, $2 or $3 donations.


DocDelta is the talent engine for healthcare recruiting, using predictive analytics to identify which physicians are interested in moving jobs.


Inspiring sustainability one beautiful face at a time.


thinkplay is revolutionizing musical performance by enabling musicians to play any sound from their instrument. Think it, play it.

Landstylist is your virtual garden designer. It can help design any outdoor space in a way that is tailored to your look, budget, and lifestyle.

Category 5 Entertainment Management

We work every day to discover, develop and promote critically and commercially successful artists; each diverse in sound and genre with hit songs.


Next generation password manager for companies and IT professionals.

Connexin Therapeutics

Discovery, Development, and Partnering of Novel Retinal Neuroprotective Drug Candidates


Shop with confidence directly from people around the world.

Sports Scholar

Sports Scholar aims to educate children in math and literary skills through real-life, topical sports content delivered via a web and tablet application.


Photo-print apparel brand in collaboration with visual artists and respective humanitarian and environmental philanthropies.