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SPEAK Mentorship

An organization connecting girls and women of first-generation and immigrant backgrounds to further their academic and professional interests.


Providing an end to end solution for the hospitality industry. Engaging the customer from discovery and check in to payment and reengagement., Inc.

ensa leverages a user's medical records + biometric sensors (IoT) + machine learning to give real time customized wellness recommendations.

A Nightmare Wakes

A Nightmare Wakes is a feature film about the torrid love affair between Mary and Percy Shelley as Mary writes her most infamous novel, Frankenstein.

Qbix, Inc.

People with smartphones need a better tool than SMS to plan group activities. Local businesses seek to serve larger groups. Groups Platform!


Accesq is an online platform that connects lawyers and customers to provide affordable, quality legal work.


Acteamo is one of the best software collaboration tool in United States.

IndiCure Health Tours

Most Renowned Medical Tourism Company providing one stop solution to medical tourists seeking India as medical treatment destination.

The Weekend SPIN Inc.

The Weekend SPIN is an app which automatically creates a SPIN of your weekend as one beautiful interactive post.

Baron Fig

Analog & Digital Notebooks for Thinkers


Revolutionizing the $18B Plus Size Apparel Market through innovative 3D body imaging and real time manufacturing technologies.

Reign Maker

Reign Maker uses drones, sensors, machine-learning algorithms to solve infrastructure inspection, asset management and design engineering workflow challenges.

SmartSavers LLC

Together we save! SmartSavers is the trusted platform to manage your household bills and save money through collective purchasing.

Mycoop Technologies Inc.

Mycoop modernizes residential and commercial building communication improving management efficiency and quality of life.

Iroquois Valley Farms

Iroquois Valley Farms is a food and farmland company making impact investments in local and organic agriculture following triple bottom line principles.


Runway Buy a proprietary technology that allows Fashion Designers a single platform to market collections and allow retail buyers and consumers purchasing.


Ocotur connects individuals in the fashion space, making it easier to collaborate, search and get discovered is building the next generation of cloud/mobile enterprise software, an end to end suite as easy to use and implement as a single-point solution.

Broker Buddha

Upgrading the commercial insurance industry to the internet