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The Techno Tourist

NYC based - music laced, cutting edge boutique travel agency and lifestyle brand.


My company, Infinity, is developing an app to help high school students break habits of procrastination through a variety of creative ways.


SleepEasy, a napping mask that lights up slowly to mimic a sunrise, preventing that yucky groggy feeling post-nap!


Private MEmbers Club for the arts

Skaldi LTD

Web Development on a different level. E-Commerce : product, supplier, analytic, site, social media, blog, phones, payment gateway and etc.

ResponsiveAds, Inc.

Magically solves the mobile ad monetization problem via cross-screen ad tech called STRETCH. One Native Ad, dynamic real-time everywhere

Kai D Utility

Honestly crafted clothing and accessories for men since 2009. Every single piece is purposeful and made to last. 100% made in New York.


Wherever you want, whenever you want. Fitness at your fingertips.


See how much I love you. Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight.

TV Dinner

TV Dinner is a platform that transforms television viewing into an addictively fun and engaging real‐time social experience.


​XLABS is a data science company. ​Our software can compress video data to 99.92%.

Security Parx

Security Parx was founded to build a profitable business that will simplify mobile payment services and increase returns from transactions.


Change is an Invisible AI that affects spending and saving behaviors through nudging

Sapphire Foundry

Crowd-sourcing Data Heroes around the globe to help families with autism navigate the world.

Sarcas Animation Studios

A animation studio that will produce entertaining theatrical CGI (computer generated images) films for all ages.


TREND~SEND revolutionizes the end-to-end process in making an obscure street style into a global commercial success.

Rick Easley

An American lifestyle brand of shoes, handbags and apparel for women and men with a chameleon-like style.