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Thread enables users to customize their phone by instantly displaying relevant content from their favorite apps on incoming calls.

theBOM (Black-Owned Market)

TheBOM is a dynamic pop-up market experience that provides access to all of your favorite Black-Owned brands under the same roof.

Blinkbuggy, Inc.

Blinkbuggy takes the pictures & videos stuck on your camera roll and automatically re-packages them into new formats that can be easily enjoyed and shared.

Plum Perfect

we use your photos to discover products ‘just for you’ 


Runway Buy a proprietary technology that allows Fashion Designers a single platform to market collections and allow retail buyers and consumers purchasing., PBC, PBC uses customized printed postcards to create tangible opportunities for both individual and collective expression.


CommonKey is a B2B SaaS platform that allows organizations to easily and securely manage and share access to all their cloud-based web services.


Enabling Financial Institutions to Better Serve Their Customers


A mobile application that serves as an intermediary between volunteers and organizations while providing a novel metric to quantify one’s social impact

Duro UAS

The smartest way to gather maritime data


Alcohoot is the world's first law enforcement grade smartphone breathalyzer.

ufindd LLC

Helps companies in manufacturing/cpg/retail optimize profit, gain superior competitive intelligence and optimize demand-supply planning


RiverBlock is an automated investment platform for cryptocurrency asset investors. We use algorithms to maximize our client’s cryptocurrency asset holdings.

Ninja Smart

"Hack n Slash Educational" game Combines the reflexes and fun of an action game to make the best study aid ever: Not Just Smart, Ninja Smart

We provide the most efficient and enjoyable personalized shopping experience for men. is the Gentleman's Style Wingman.


Reducing the overheads of large scale data ingestion for data-driven organizations through automation.


AdRoll meets LinkedIn InMail – a new communication channel for sending 1-to-1 messages to web prospects via retargeted ads

Hummingbird Communication Inc.

Does your search engine talk? Hummingbird Connect, the iTunes application and its AI engine MAX can have dialogue with you making your search more successful.