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Big Table Sports

Tactile Football Gaming, League, Reality TV Sports Content “Build a team and win it all? Retail and more.

RunTime Technologies

Manages rising tide of digital communications assets more effectively and reduces marketing costs. Develops quality CMS projects at low cost


NuSkool is an entertainment learning platform that finds teachable moments in pop culture and in students' favorite shows, games and films.


We are building a platform to bring augmented reality to linear TV and any video.

Keyband inc

Keyband, a wristband that uses a person’s unique signature to prove identity, sign transactions and provide secure access into IoT infrastructure.


eFile Any Document to the New York State Courts in One Minute


WeareverYouGo is your resource to assemble the perfect travel wardrobe. Explore local fashion then pack & shop your virtual suitcase


IoT+SmartBox+App to manage your shopping list, shelf-life, safety of all your products used in your residence/business.


Your online destination for stylish, sustainable fashion.


Yelp-style neighborhood information and hyperlocal hub that provides individuals a resource to find best-fit neighborhoods, housing, local events, and trends.


You can't protect data w/o protecting the data itself. Proactively & automatically protects data at the byte level, so that hacks don't matter anymore.

TripUsher connects travelers with locals to curate unique itineraries based on specific interests, tastes and reasons for travel.

Shovler Inc.

We connect people in need of snow removal with neighbors willing to shovel snow to earn extra money.

Myhomepayge, Inc.

We believe that everybody should have online access to the essential information, goods and services they need to manage their home and family life.

Reign Maker

Reign Maker uses drones, sensors, machine-learning algorithms to solve infrastructure inspection, asset management and design engineering workflow challenges.

Retina Technologies

Retina Technologies addresses global inaccessibility to comprehensive vision screening by leveraging portable technologies and machine learning.

EventNow Inc

Vendors Compete - You Party! People submit / post / broadcast their project & Vendors use social networking, referrals and deals to compete