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Brooklyn Research


630 Flushing Ave, 6th Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11206
United States
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$350.00 per person
3 spaces


Our lab offers prototyping facilities and workspace to a limited number of full-time research members. Membership is granted to applicants with compelling proposals for research in a range of areas and disciplines such as data analytics and visualization, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, fabrication, and wearable technology.


Company: What Brooklyn Research Does

Brooklyn Research is dedicated to advancing technical knowledge within communities. We believe that building an empowered society starts with an understanding of the technology that shapes our daily lives. Through research, classes, workshops, lectures, and interactive public art projects we help build awareness and interest in learning about interactive media, computer programming, electronic circuits, and digital fabrication. Brooklyn Research Lab Inc. is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS. IRS Code: Section 501(c)(3)

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