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Co-working Space


48 Wall St
5th floor
New York City, NY 10005
United States
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$400.00 per person
5 spaces


Collaborate with your neighbors, benefit from our technology support, and develop a successful business. Phone booths, conference rooms and event spaces facilitate entrepreneurial growth. Not to mention, Joynture members gain access to group health insurance, hosting, travel, and rental cars, which all nurture a healthier, happier community. Our core value is to create an inviting and productive workplace for our members. We're here to bring joy into your venture.


Company: What Joynture Does

Come to Joynture and do something that matters. We support the one-man show and the large teams. You supply the computer and we supply the rest. Working styles differ, that's why we decided to let you work anywhere and in any way you'd like. Want a desk--okay; want a private office--no problem; want to work on the couch--that's fine with us. Whether you work normal hours or all hours of the night we've got you covered.

House Rules

Must schedule conference rooms in advance.Keep your space and the kitchen clean.No smoking near the building.
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