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J / G Architects


West 27th Street
New York City, NY 10001
United States
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$600.00 per person
4 spaces


The atmosphere is functional and professional, yet laid-back — the space has an open floor plan that's permeated with natural light. The space features a large meeting table (10 ppl), and access to kitchen space (full size refrigerator, water cooler, coffee maker and dishwasher). J/G A is all about collaboration, and the space was developed to foster it. The space has/is: -Furnished -3-6 desks to rent (approx. 400 sqft) -large conference table to share -Full Kitchen -Storage -Cleaning 1x a week -Next to the 1 train, and close to the C/E/F/M Please contact:


Company: What Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects PC Does

Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects (J/GA) is an award-winning, New York City-based studio with an expertise in designing high-end commercial and residential buildings and interiors, furnishing and objects.

House Rules

Must schedule conference rooms in advance.Keep your space and the kitchen clean.No smoking near the building.
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