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"How Long Should a Resume Be?" and Other Questions

Submitted by editor on Mon, 2017/09/18 - 12:54pm

Ahh, the resume. Your entire professional career, succinctly squashed into a page-long Word document. We’ll admit it--drafting up that effective CV can certainly be a challenge, but nailing it is absolutely essential; get it right and you’re one step closer towards landing that big interview. We'll help you answer some common resume questions like, "How long should a resume be?" so you can focus on how you're gonna woo your interviewer.

The protocols have changed a lot over the past couple of decades, though, and they can be tough to navigate at times. With all the advice that’s out there, it can make resume creation more complicated than it needs to be. No need to worry, though, we’re here with the answers to those burning resume formatting questions.

“How long should my resume be?”

The quick and dirty answer is just one page . Typically, hiring managers won’t flip or scroll to a second page for a recent college grad. This doesn’t mean that all of your experience isn’t relevant or special! But remember, they’re trying to find the best candidate in as little time as possible, so you’ve got to make sure your best skills and experiences are visible upon first glance at a single page.

“Should I list all of my work experience? How far back am I allowed to go?”

That’s two questions, but we’ll allow it since they’re closely related.

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