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Create Your Own Online Course Workshop - Session # 1

Create Your Own Online Course Workshop - Session # 1


435 Broome Street
New york, NY 10013
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018 -
9:00am to 12:00pm


You probably have heard about Masterclass and other websites offering online training. Have you ever thought about selling your own online course? Developing your own online training will provide you with an expert positioning, free traffic and ready to buy customers. This three-part series workshop will take you from idea to action and teach you how to create an online training program of your skills and expertise.

Developing an online teaching business brings the following benefits: Build a sustainable income for yourself Inspire students globally Create new business and personal opportunities Expands your network digitally and in-person Opportunity to share the spotlight and form partnerships Attending this three-part workshops will give you: Strengths & Experiences: This exercise will help you explore your experiences and strengths to brainstorm and list topics that you want to teach Market Research Summary Template - we’ll show you how to conduct market research and you fill in the summary with the results and data that you’ve gathered to pick one topic to build a business around Launch Schedule Worksheet Calendar- We’ll identify timelines for launching and work backward to list out the steps to reach that deadline. Pricing Worksheet: we’ll use market research to identify pricing models for your course Limiting Beliefs & Mindset Exercise: selling your knowledge online is a different set of skills, we’ll explore what limiting beliefs we each have and how to work through them when we’re challenged. Curriculum Template: we’ll provide a template to systemize the content development so you can easily translate that to the software you’re using. Software Recommendations List: we’ll include a summary of software platforms to help you pick out one that’s best for your needs.

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