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Global AI Ethics Guidelines for Product Development and Corporate Governance

Global AI Ethics Guidelines for Product Development and Corporate Governance


37 East 28th Street
2nd Floor, Suite 206, Room 4
NY, NY 10016
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020 -
5:00pm to 9:00pm


This course will provide a hands-on, interactive overview and analysis of global AI ethics guidelines and how companies are developing ethical guidelines to reshape their innovation, marketing and sales strategies (not to mention their employee and customer engagement). For those employees developing AI, it is essential that they learn best strategies for identifying and mitigating the ethical risks of AI tools. For employees charged with discovering and/or procuring AI solutions from vendors, or for those charged with developing an AI strategy, it is essential that they do so with a clear understanding of the risks they will incur and an understanding of how to avoid them. And it is important for everyone to understand how AI ethics guidelines are being developed around the world so that companies here in the US that sell AI-powered software and services to other nations can know what to expect and how their AI ethics differs from ours. The goals of this course include: Educating participants on the ethical and reputational risks of AI; Educating participants on what companies and governments are currently doing about these issues; Engaging participants in a way that allows them to take these concerns to colleagues and bosses at work and to own those conversations; Training participatings to think critically and to ask the questions and create the processes they need to create so that their respective companies do not harm society or their own brands as they deploy AI. Among other things, this course will: Define what an AI Ethicist is and isn't; Provide a overview of the global AI ethics ecosystem; Review how companies can set the right "AI ethics" tone at the top of the organization; Examine existing frameworks and challenge normative assumptions and expectations; Outline how to operationalize these AI ethics guidelines; Explore how we can ensure that AI technologies are ethically designed; Show how to iron out biases from algorithms that determine job promotions; Show how companies create AI Ethics Committees that are effective and where they make mistakes; Review how to alert product teams on what to look for in monitoring AI solutions for ethical compliance; Explore how to put a plan in place to educate a company's workforce on AI ethics.

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