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Intro to Valuation Methods of ICOs, Tokens & Coins

Intro to Valuation Methods of ICOs, Tokens & Coins


25 Broadway
New York, NY 10004
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm


The class will focus on how fundamental approaches of valuing early stage startups apply to those startups issuing their own tokens. It is also the first time we are including a section on token statistical modeling techniques as well as a discussion of more complex tokens which are either collateralized by other assets or pegged to another currency. Once you register, you can attend in person or virtually. Also a recording of the class will be available for 72 hours after the event for those who are not able to attend. Class materials will be emailed to all attendees as well. No prior finance experience required. Explainer video: In this class you will learn: 1. What is an initial coin offering and how is it different from other methods of startup financing? 2. Protocol tokens and app tokens with examples 3. How to issue a token and how much does it cost? 4. What makes an ICO attractive and how do investors make money? 5. How to value an app token from the fundamental perspective (quantitative and qualitative models) 6. Types of token economics and how to model tokens pre-ICO and in the secondary market

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