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Monetizing Your Podcast: The Climb to Sponsorship

Monetizing Your Podcast: The Climb to Sponsorship


Made in NY Media Center by IFP
30 John St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Saturday, August 18, 2018 -
10:00am to 5:00pm


There are no secrets to getting your podcast sponsored, but there are different routes to getting there. You already have a podcast that can break through the industry — now learn how to get the traction you need to get noticed and how to collect information on your audience so you can better market your podcast. The class will cover how to sell your podcast spots to sponsors and how much you can charge for these spots. You’ll also learn about multiple other avenues for revenue, including how to get picked up by a podcast network. The instructor for this one-day workshop is Megan Tan, former creator, host, and producer of Radiotopia’s Millennial Podcast. Please note: This is not a story or pitching development class; this class is best for people who already have a podcast of their own. What You Will Learn: – How Megan’s podcast started in her closet and ended up on a well-known public radio network. – Ways to gain traction on your podcast and build your audience. – Marketing deck needs in order to pitch to sponsors. – How much to charge sponsors for your podcast; learn about flat fees, CPMs, and why industry rates vary so much.

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