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Python Primer: Beginner Python Programming Workshop Series - Part 2

Python Primer: Beginner Python Programming Workshop Series - Part 2


295 Madison Ave
Fl 35
New York, NY 100017
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Thursday, March 1, 2018 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm


**Please note - this workshop consists of 2 sessions (Tuesday & Thursday) consisting of 2 hours each for a total of 4 hours. For info on Part 1, please click here.

Upon registration you will be enrolled in both classes Have you heard that learning a little bit of the Python programming language can help automate the “simple” tasks in life? Or, want to learn some technology in order to boost your career? Byte Academy, New York's leader in Python fullstack development education is offering evening beginner Python classes. These Python Primer sets will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of Python, the number one language taught at American colleges.

Curriculum: We’ll be going over control flow and iteration behavior with examples that’ll be “live coded” so you can start to build metaphorical muscle memory, by following along. We’ll touch on some UNIX utilities, too, before diving into a project to bring it all together (and display on your LinkedIn page). The aforementioned project has two components: an RESTful application programming interface that can serve web pages (or JSON objects) and a webscraper that can extract information from the web. pages we generate. After the set you will gain a fundamental understanding and Python. If you want to take your education further, we have our popular Python fullstack development bootcamp.

Schedule: 2 hours in the evening twice per week, 4 hours total

Dates: Febuary 27th & March 1, 6:30pm - 8:30 pm

Pre-Requisites: None

Bring: A laptop that’s either running macOS, Windows 10, or a flavor of GNU/Linux

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