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Talk to Your Customers

Talk to Your Customers


Boston, MA 02135
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm


The Startup Station presents:


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Products/services fail when the people who design them don't know enough about their customers.

This online workshop will teach you how to learn critical information about your customers with a radical new technique: talking to them through surveys and interviews.

In this workshop, we will cover:

1. How to identify customers. Who are they, what do we know about them, and how can we find them?

2. How to engage customers. How can we recruit them for surveys and interviews?

3. How to talk to customers. What can we ask? How can we get meaningful information from them?

Presenter: Amos Schorr

Amos Schorr is the founder of Hack Summit Labs, a consultancy that engages teams of the best design and strategy talent from the best companies in the world to achieve social impact, and PreneurHack, a community to help individuals become agents of change. Before that, he was Director of Cities for ProtoHack, an international community for nontechnical startup founders. He runs events for startup founders with the top VCs in NYC, design thinking events with the top designers and product people in NYC, advises several early stage startups, and has helped several startups raise funding. What started all this was Vengyn, the startup with promising technology that Amos and his partner drove into the ground by approaching things the wrong way. After that he began exploring the right way to do things and stumbled on a crazy formula: talk to people.

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