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Breakfast with an Investor: Arsen Pereymer, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Expert (since 2012).



kettlespace Nomad @The Cannibal,
111 East 29th Street New York, New York 10016
NY, NY 10016
United States


Thursday, February 8, 2018 -
8:30am to 10:00am


Doing something a bit different this time. Since there’s so much focus these days on the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in particular, our guest is not only an investor (and a mentor at Founder Institute): when it comes to blockchain and cryptos, he’s a subject matter expert with deep, hands-on experience. About our Guest: Ever since he first got into Bitcoin mining in 2012, Arsen's passion for blockchain and crypto has exploded. An influencer and enthusiast in the crypto community, Arsen has been helping many get into crypto by teaching trading strategies, technical and fundamental analysis techniques. Arsen has been advising on many ICOs, and upcoming crypto startups. He has also launched several crypto services, such as a signal, a service which informs investors which crypto coins to invest in at what price points. This service has yielded an average of 30% per week for its members. Arsen is also in the process of launching a Crypto Hedge Fund. In addition to his involvement with crypto, Arsen has a successful track record in the app store, having created and published 400+ iOS apps, many of which many have reached the top charts, have been featured by Apple, and have amassed tens of millions of organic downloads.