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General Assembly's How to Future-Proof Your Career



902 Broadway
4th Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States


Thursday, February 6, 2020 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm


Careers are changing faster than ever – today, the average professional will work across multiple industries, roles, companies, and geographies in their career. Not only are we navigating an unprecedented amount of change in our careers, but we’re also told that the jobs that we will have 20 years from now don’t even exist today. So how do we prepare? How can we ensure that we have the skills, experience, insight, and network to thrive in the fast-changing world of work? On February 6th, join us for a conversation to talk about how you can future proof yourself and your career. About the Panelists: Liz Simon Co-Chief Operating Officer, General Assembly Liz Simon is the Co-Chief Operating Officer at General Assembly (GA), a global educational company that specializes in the most in-demand skills, where she leads GA’s legal and public affairs, government relations, and social impact efforts. Previous, Liz was the VP of Legal & External Affairs, working with policy makers, help develop policies and education models that put students first and addresses the dynamic requirements of employers. Courtney Brand Founder & CEO, thelighthouse Courtney Brand is the Founder and CEO of thelighthouse. Prior to thelighthouse, she worked as a Management Consultant for 5 years in New York, Shanghai, and Beijing, selling and delivering work to top clients including Alibaba, Apple, Mercedes, Porsche, and Danone. After working for two years in New York, Courtney was transferred to PwC’s Shanghai office to help launch the firm’s new digital and innovation consulting practice in China which became the second highest revenue-generating team. Lauren Weber (Moderator) Reporter, The Wall Street Journal Hadley Ferguson Sr. Program Leader, US&C and Global Efficiency CommOps Learning & Development, Uber Hadley Ferguson Hunter leads a Global Learning & Development program at Uber. She and her team spend their time focused on strategic projects aligned to making Global Community Operations L&D teams more efficient and impactful to the overall business, as well as US & CAN specific training and development needs for frontline support teams for Uber’s vast portfolio of customer-facing products. Mishelle Weinerman Founder and CEO, SecretSauce Mishelle Weinerman is the Founder and CEO of SecretSauce, a recruiting automation platform that uses data science and targeted referral networks to find the perfect match for any job. Prior to SecretSauce, she spent 4 years at AlphaSights, a global expert network. As the Founder of SecretSauce, she’s working to bring clarity and transparency to the recruiting process, to help people make the right connections, faster. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she graduated from Tufts University and now lives in New York City. Lauren Hepburn Accountant & Rep, Primerica Lauren Hepburn has built her 10+ year career in accounting and finance across a diverse range of industries including real estate, healthcare, and startup companies. The decade since the Great Recession has been all about constantly recalculating "your career GPS". This native New Yorker is navigating an ever-changing career landscape as a financial analyst making a career pivot to data science. About Our Partner: thelighthouse thelighthouse is the ‘Waze for your career’. We empower professionals with the network, insight, and support to navigate the fast changing world of work. We do this via algorithmic matching with relevant professionals for one-on-one virtual career sessions, curated resources, and member-driven events. We partner with people-first companies looking to invest in their top talent. As professionals navigate increasingly non-linear career paths, thelighthouse is becoming the throughline and empowering them at each stage of their ever-changing careers. Learn more at: