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She Leads 2019 NYC: Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference for Women



The Webster Apartments
419 W 34th St
New York, NY 10001
United States


Friday, November 22, 2019 -
8:30am to 6:00pm


She Leads™ 2019 A Different Lens: New Models of Global Leadership and Business The day-long She Leads conference will take place on Friday, November 22nd in NYC at The Webster Apartments. We will also host an intimate VIP Evening on Thursday, November 21st for those who are interested in creating deeper relationships and having a uniquely curated experience. The VIP Evening will take place at The Webster Apartments - 419 W 34th St, NYC - right next to the spectacular Hudson Yards. Don't miss this chance to form lasting bonds with people the evening before the conference. A DIFFERENT LENS: New Models of Leadership and Business More and more women are choosing to pursue their passions, take on leadership roles, supporting global missions or simply establishing more control over their lives. Many women have expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the corporate world and current power structures that have been designed with a male perspective in mind, making success challenging or downright impossible for anyone outside of this group. Women and those concerned with humanity in general are experimenting with forging a different path and seeking out new models and structures for business, leadership and success. At this year's She Leads conference, we will be honoring humanity by opening conversations, exploring what works now and will work in the future, and offering super-practical, actionable advice from incredible experts on how you too, can be a successful, thriving, financially independent and influential global citizen. The days of the command, control and competitive nature of business must be replaced. Learn how you can build a profitable business, lead as your authentic self and achieve incredible success while leveraging your innate strengths and tapping into your inner-knowledge. Don't miss out on this important and timely gathering that puts you at the center. Get your tickets to She Leads 2019 on 11/22, and the VIP Evening on 11/21 today! Each year since 2013, the team at She Leads has produced a valueable, thoughtful and audience-firts day-long conference and a VIP pre-conference evening for global women leaders and entrepreneurs. In previous years, women and men from all over the globe have attended our incredible, action-oriented gathering - from the across the United States, and from countries like the Netherlands, the UK, India, Canada, Mexioc and the UAE. All in all, the level and quality of the person who chooses to attend the She Leads conferences is second to none. We are driven, purposeful and seeking the practical, actionable advice that we need to take our business and our leadership to the next level. Count yourself among these up-and-coming powerful women leaders and men who support them in every way. Don't miss out on the best conference for women leaders and entrepreneurs in 2019! We can't wait to see you, hear your story, offer you value and help you to lead your best life. Current Speaker Lineup Includes: SHE LEADS PRODUCER: Adrienne Garland, CEO She Leads Media (that's ME) KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Natalie Kogan - Author of Happier Now Selena Rezvani, Founder & Author of Pushback: How Smart Women Ask - And Stand Up - For What They Want Be Leaderly Eleanor Beaton, CEO Fierce Feminine Leadership Annie Scranton, Founder of Pace Public Relations Georgene Huang, CEO & Founder Fairygodboss Amy Shecter, CEO, Glamsquad Sharon Cunningham, The Cunningham Group at Morgan Stanley Lauren Kemp, The Cunningham Group at Morgan Stanley Dr. Nicola Nice, CEO Pomp & Whimsey Heather Hansen, Author & Podcast Host “The Elegant Warrior-How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself" Jennifer Dawn, Founder - Best Planner Ever & Jennifer Dawn Consulting Cate Luzio, CEO - Luminary Jo Kahlow, Founder & Senior Trainer at Root Communication/Adjunct Communication Professor Jennifer & Rafael Soberal, Co-Founders, Freshmes Jessica Korthuis, Founder of Sohuis Dr. Nathilee Caldeira, Founder of Let's Talk Psychological Wellness Jeff Wibben, PGA Golf Professional and Co-Founder of Golf Pro Delivered Adrienne Nolan-Smith, Founder, WellBe Gino Perrotte, Founder Right Brain Journeys Lauren Leader, Co-Founder & CEO, All in Together, Media Expert Jenny Kaplan, CEO & Co-Founder Wonder Media Saina Jhankan, Founder Luminous Studios Donna Cravotta, Founde Social Pivot Anjelika Kour, Founder Digital DesignNYC Current Sponsors Include: The Webster Apartments, European Wax Center, Pace Communications, Present Future Foundation (Offering 2 Scholarships to attend!! To apply, visit: and click on the APPLICATION LINK), Pomp & Whimsey, FreshMes, and LeTellier Skin Care. Media Partners: Welum Magazine, Covey Club She Leads™ Build Your Brand. Grow Your Business. Lead Your Best Life! She Leads™ 2019 is a unique conference created by Adrienne Garland - a strong advocate and supporter for women's leadership and empowerment in the world. The She Leads annual conference is dedicated to women leaders and entrepreneurs, and is a premier gathering of people who are serious about taking action, moving forward and receiving the most practical, actionable and expert advice that can be found anywhere. Every year 250+ women and men emerge from our New York City conference and VIP Event with new ideas, new business, new partnerships and new profit-generating strategies. Numerous women have gone on to experience exponential growth and prosperity, and you can too! Don't miss this extremely valuable conference, that is truly like no other.